Includes: 1 x Adult/Youth Size MagneMasque (20x13cm).

                2-Ply Advanced with nose bridge; Cotton Jersey, Polyester Straps.


The MagneMasque is a sanitary face mask that has detachable head straps so that the mask may be removed from the straps via connecting snap fasteners and washed separately from the straps; as well as, adjustable straps that are easily anchored around the head, and not via the ears, utilizing two (2) high strength magnets, which are embedded into the strap material. The magnetic attraction connects the straps around the back of the head therefore anchoring the mask snugly to the face. A significant yet minimal amount of force (approx. 2.5 lbs), is then required to simply ‘pull’ or ‘separate’ the straps apart to remove the mask from the face when required.

MagneMasque 2-Ply Advanced


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    Work originally began in the 1950s with R.J. Barrett using geotextiles behind precast concrete seawalls, under precast concrete erosion control blocks, beneath large stone riprap, and in other erosion control situations