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10 PACK - 4-PLY ASTM LEVEL 3 MagneMasque™

10 PACK - 4-PLY ASTM LEVEL 3 MagneMasque™

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Includes: 10 Individually-Wrapped 4-Ply MagneMasque™ with 3 Pairs of MagneStraps™.            Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) > 98%

(ADULT SIZE: 17.5x9.5cm, 7" Wide x 3.75" High Face Covering includes Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large (XL), Ear-Free Magnetic Mask Straps (MagneStraps™) The 4-Ply Disposable MagneMasque™ is an ASTM Level 3 Certified face mask which contains 4 Layers of Non-Woven Polypropylene Fabric with Interchangeable/Adjustable Magnetic Mask Straps (MagneStraps™), and a Flexible Nose Bridge. 


MagneStraps™ Sizes (Ear-Free Magnetic Mask Straps):


  • Small Folded Length: 4.5” (Inches) - Fits Children 5-12.
  • Medium Folded Length: 5” (Inches) - Fits Slightly Smaller Heads.
  • Large Folded Length: 5.5” (Inches) - Fits an Average Size Head with Average Amount of Hair.
  • Extra-Large Folded Length: 6” (Inches) - Fits Slightly Larger Heads and People with Hard Hats, Glasses, Hearing Devices, Turbans/Head Wraps, Big Hair, Toques, and Similar Headwear!


-The 4-Ply MagneMasque™ is made from premium materials including 4 layers of non-woven polypropylene fabric (including a middle melt-blown layer) with the following benefits:

-A flexible nose bridge for a snug fit.

-Magnetic ear-free adjustable MagneStraps™ for QuickClick connection around the head and not the ears for the most comfortable and secure fit ever.

-Lots of colourful MagneStraps™ (Hi-Vis for Industrial settings), combinations and replacement straps available so that masks are never mixed-up!

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