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Splike™ Driver Tool

Splike™ Driver Tool

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The Splike™ Driver Tool is a custom-machined dolly designed to install the Splike™ using the Milwaukee™ electric palm nailer. With the Splike™ Driver, you can install into virgin ground (static-rolled ground is fine), a 12” Splike™ in 2-3 seconds using a minimal amount of effort, versus the traditional (and extremely laborious), method of the past – the hammer. Utilizing the Splike™, Poly Plate™ & Splike™ Driver Tool can drastically increase installation efficiency not only via the driver method, but also because the combined weight of a Splike™ & Poly Plate™ is 112 grams, while a solid steel spike weighs 180 grams on its own. This makes transporting & installing the materials much less labour-intensive and much faster, freeing up your time and labour for the next task.

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