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MagneStraps™ Sizes (Ear-Free Magnetic Straps):

  • Small Folded Length: 4.5 Inches - Fits Children 5-12.
  • Medium Folded Length: 5 Inches - Fits Slightly Smaller Heads.
  • Large Folded Length: 5.5 Inches - Fits An Average Size Head With Average Amount Of Hair.
  • Extra-Large Folded Length: 6 Inches - Fits Slightly Larger Heads And People With Lots Of Hair, Turbans/Head Wraps, Hard Hats, Toques etc.


*These Are Replacement Straps Only, Not The Full Mask*


These MagneStraps™ are easily removable via the snap buttons located at the four corners of the MagneMasque™. They come in varying shapes and sizes and each strap utilizes a high-strength magnet, fused into the polyester strap material so that when held close together they simply 'Quickclick' around the back of your head! Very simple to use for children and anyone wearing turbans/head wraps, hard hats, toques and the like. The extra-large is the best size for people with head-articles, lots of hair or those that are tough to find hats for!

  • Guarantee

    If you have any issues with your newly purchased MagneMasque please send us a message, or call our contact number at (250) 961-2226 and we will do everything we can to make it right.

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