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Ground Anchors & Geosynthetic Applicators

       Simian Quantum Innovations, Inc. originally began in 2018 as a basic product development company specializing in large-quantity, high-quality and low-cost materials for road building, landscaping and mining applications. We have many products in the development phase however, as a growing Company we have started with the most basic designs to bring to the public market, and introduce ourselves as a Company that takes people's needs, time and quality seriously. Since then we have expanded to include newer and updated products, (such as the extremely popular MagneMasque™ line of ear-free face masks), to make everyone's workplace and personal lives as convenient as possible.


       Our team has decades of practical in-the-field knowledge and experience encompassing many aspects of the construction world, which is paired with educations from Canada's most respected institutions resulting in a pragmatic team that knows the industries and challenges involved. We currently only sell items that have been researched, tested and developed by Simian Quantum and Canada's leading testing/certification authorities - the CSA - Canadian Standards Assoc. and ASTM - American Society for Testing & Materials - (when required). Some of our most interesting products are still ongoing the R&D phase however, in the mean time have a look at what we currently produce for the public and private sectors:


  - The use of geotextiles and related products has increased significantly over the years containing many applications and currently supports many civil engineering applications including roadsairfieldsrailroads

embankmentsretaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, bank protection, coastal engineering and 

construction site silt fences or 'geotube'. While many possible design methods or combinations of methods are available to the geotextile applicator, the ultimate decision for a particular application usually takes one of three directions: design by cost and availability, design by specification, or design by function.

Poly Plates™ and Poly Pins™ were born out of necessity in the field based on a combination of those 3 directions in where cost, availability and function were required to form the foundation of a reliable and efficient securing product in which to adhere geotextiles and landscaping fabric to their required locations. Poly Plates™ are an environmentally friendly, extremely strong and cost effective alternative to the tin washers that are currently in use today when applying geotextiles or anchoring earthworks.

Poly Plates™ and Poly Pins™ are quickly growing to be the preferred choice for road building/civil contractors and landscapers throughout Canada and the US - Try Them On Your Project Today!

1 BANNER LOGO 1 LEAF_edited.jpg