• Each Box Contains 100 or 500 High-Quality, Lightweight, Polypropylene Application Washers.
  • Poly Plate Dimensions: 100x100mm (4x4"); Center Hole Diameter: 11.5mm
  • Ideal For All Geotextile Applications.
  • Economical ($0.50/Plate Compared to $0.80+ for Steel Washers), Durable & Environmentally Friendly (100% Recycled & Biodegradable Materials).
  • Greatly Improves on Labor Efficiency & Quality Control Measures (66% Lighter than Tin Washers & Extremely Visible Spacing).                  
  • Meets & Exceeds MoTI Specifications.
  • Shipping is not included in the product price - please inquire about the available options.

Poly Plates


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    Work originally began in the 1950s with R.J. Barrett using geotextiles behind precast concrete seawalls, under precast concrete erosion control blocks, beneath large stone riprap, and in other erosion control situations