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 The Splike™, is a hollow ground spike with the same dimensions of a regular 12” steel spike with a half inch diameter head and 3/8” (9mm) diameter shaft. The main difference is the weight – while a typical 12” solid steel spike weighs approximately 180 grams, the 12” hollow steel Splike™ weighs approximately 80 grams –  2.5 times lighter than the solid steel spike.


The Splike™ works the same as any other steel spike (or ‘nail’ if that term is preferred). The main differences are in the weight of the unit itself, and in the design of the head and shaft of the Splike™. The head of the Splike™ is hardened rolled steel that provides a strong and competent impact-point for a hammer to drive the Splike™ into the ground, and the hollow shaft utilizes the dimensional benefits of a cylinder which adds to the strength of the Splike™ in where it maintains a resistance to bending due to the natural push/pull forces that cylinders exert. The Splike™ maintains the same efficiency and strength-based properties of a solid steel ground spike, only it weighs half as much.

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