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Advanced PPE Kit

Advanced PPE Kit

PriceFrom C$224.99
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Ideal for Construction Workers of all trades and facets, the SQI Advanced PPE Kit has been specifically designed and tested with top-quality components from world-leading manufacturers in order to create what we believe are the future of head protection.

  • The PortWest PV60 Translucent Hard Hat is a lightweight unit which allows users to see through the brim for overhead hazards without having to tilt their head straight up - ideal for confined-space and overhead hazards;
  • the Drift Ghost X Action Camera boasts the longest battery life than any other action camera currently available and it's rugged, lightweight design assures it can handle the toughest conditions. (Waterproof Case Kits also available) - Includes 32 GB SD Card.
  • the NightStick Zero-Band Headlamp is a 220 lumens dual-light which is adjustable (up and down tilt), impact and chemical resistant, waterproof, and lightweight.

The combination of these components creates the most efficient, diligent and safe hard hat that we believe is the future of head protection.

- Relay the large slip from atop a mountain or broken cable to the phones of the crew below (Scalers, Climbers, Linemen);

- Record the license plate and actions of that vehicle that didn't stop through your jobsite knowing your camera will run all day (Flaggers, Spotters, Labourers);

- Record Near-Misses for training and educational purposes.

Never miss a thing On-Site again.

SQI Advanced PPE Kit Includes:

  1. 1 x PV60 Translucent Hard Hat.
  2. 1 x Drift Ghost X Action Camera.
  3. 1 x NightStick Headlamp (Miner-Style Attachment).
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