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3-PLY ADVANCED MagneMasque™

3-PLY ADVANCED MagneMasque™

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  • 1 x 3-Ply Advanced MagneMasque™ (23x17cm Face Covering) with your choice of Medium, Large, or Extra-Large(XL) Magnetic Ear-Free Straps (MagneStraps™).
  • The 3-Ply Advanced MagneMasque™ Contains 3 Layers Of Fabric, an Adjustable/Flexible Nose Bridge,  And A Filter Pocket (Includes PM2.5 Filter).
  • This 3-Ply Advanced MagneMasque™ Has A 100% Cotton Jersey; Black Polyester MagneStraps™, And Includes A PM2.5 Carbon Filter (With Additionals Available).



  • The fabric face covering dimensions (9" Wide x 6.75" High), for The 3-Ply Advanced has 2 face cover sizes and has undergone many trials to adhere to that perfect size and shape to fit almost any face - it is the MagneStraps™ that differentiate between the sizes of Small/Medium, Large/Extra-Large.


MagneStraps™ Sizes (Ear-Free Magnetic Straps):

  • Small Folded Length: 4.5" (Inches) - Fits Children 5-12.
  • Medium Folded Length: 5" (Inches) - Fits Slightly Smaller Heads.
  • Large Folded Length: 5.5" (Inches) - Fits An Average Size Head With Average Amount Of Hair.
  • Extra-Large Folded Length: 6" (Inches) - Fits Slightly Larger Heads And People With Lots Of Hair, Turbans/Head Wraps, Hard Hats, Toques etc.


This stylish and extremely comfortable 3-Ply Advanced MagneMasque™ is made from premium materials including cotton sourced from Canada and the USA. It is the most popular MagneMasque™, and contains the following benefits (just to name a few):

  • Magnetic ear-free interchangeable/adjustable straps (MagneStraps™), for QuickClick connection around the head and not the ears for the most comfortable and secure fit ever. (Easy to wear around your neck so it's never forgotten at home or in the car; also helps to prevent sunburn in the summer).
  • The magnetic MagneStraps™ can be hung from anything magnetic - just grab it off the fridge on your way out the door, or hang it somewhere obvious so you never forget it!
  • Lots of colorful MagneStraps™ combinations and replacement straps available so that masks are never mixed-up! Just remember which strap colors are yours, and you can be confident it's YOUR MagneMasque™!
  • A flexible/adjustable nose bridge for better fit to prevent glasses from fogging or a tighter fit during sports.
  • Washable and reusable - simply remove your MagneStraps™ from the face piece via the snap attachments and right into the washing machine. (Hand wash your MagneStraps so as not to damage the magnet-infused MagneStraps™).
  • Breathable and colorful that fits most male and females aged 13 and above; Extra-Large MagneStraps™ make this the most versatile and comfortable face mask you'll ever wear.
  • Perfect for teachers and students who are in the classroom for extended periods of time - lightweight, soft, adjustable and extremely versatile in fit and functionality.
  • Excellent protection while at work, at school, at the park with friends, or any social gathering where a face covering may be needed.
  • The MagneMasque™ is the ONLY Face Mask that uses our unique Design to Connect Around the Head and NOT the Ears - Especially for People with Lots of Hair, Turbans/Head Wraps, Hard Hats, Toques etc!


  • The MagneMasque™ is the only face mask that uses our unique magnet-infused straps to anchor the mask around the back of the head, and not the ears! It is a sanitary face mask that has detachable head straps so that the mask may be removed from the straps via connecting snap fasteners and washed separately from the straps; as well as, adjustable straps that are easily anchored around the head, and not via the ears, utilizing two (2) high strength magnets, which are embedded into the strap material. The magnetic attraction connects the straps around the back of the head therefore anchoring the mask snugly to the face. A significant yet minimal amount of force (approx. 2.5 lbs), is then required to simply ‘pull’ or ‘separate’ the straps apart to remove the mask from the face when required.



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