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Ground Anchors

Plan With Poly Plates

The Poly Plates Story

Geotextiles were originally intended to be an alternative to granular soil filters. The original, and still sometimes used, term for geotextiles is filter fabrics. Work originally began in the 1950s with R.J. Barrett using geotextiles behind precast concrete seawalls, under precast concrete erosion control blocks, beneath large stone riprap, and in other erosion control situations.

The use of geotextiles and related products has increased significantly over the years containing many applications and currently supports many civil engineering applications including roads, airfields, railroads, embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, bank protection, coastal engineering and construction site silt fences or 'geotube'.

While many possible design methods or combinations of methods are available to the geotextile applicator, the ultimate decision for a particular application usually takes one of three directions: design by cost and availability, design by specification, or design by function. Poly Plates were born out of necessity in the field based on a combination of those 3 directions in where cost, availability and function were required to form the foundation of a reliable and efficient securing product in which to adhere geotextiles to their required locations. Poly Plates are an environmentally friendly alternative to the tin washers that are currently in use today when applying geotextiles; the Poly Plates have several advantages over what is currently on today’s market some of which include:

  • Cost Effective & Safer to Handle than Generic Tin Plates (No Sharp Edges or Corners)

  • 65% Lighter than Generic Tin Plates for Easier Handling & Distribution

  • Readily Available - No Order Too Big or Too Small

  • Made from 100% Recycled Materials

  • Environmentally Friendly & Biodegradable

  • Improved Quality Control Measures from White Color

Poly Plates are an ideal solution for adhering geotextiles to a multitude of applications and situations. Try them on your Project today and experience the efficiency!


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